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Shoplifting – Sheila D. Rowe, 49, Tennessee Street, McKenzie was charged with shoplifting on February 9 after she reportedly took a $ 1.99 Bic lighter and did not do it in Pocket’s grocery store. The video surveillance revealed that she hid the lighter and left the store. She was referred to the court for general sessions.

Driving with a suspended license – Jalesa P. Wester, 29, Rolling Meadows, Milan, was charged with speeding and driving license on Feb.10.

Officer Brandon Leek observed a black SUV traveling 39 mph in a 25 mph zone. A driver’s license review revealed the status was suspended due to unpaid fines in Counties Henderson and Hickman. She was cited in the Carroll County General Sessions Court.

Driving with a Revoked License – Demarcus M. Robinson, 30, Hamilton Street, McKenzie was charged with license disqualification on February 13th.

Officer Dalton Raspberry saw Robinson driving an Audi AA4 and knew that the driver Demarcus Robinson had a revoked status. Officer Raspberry initiated a traffic obstruction, but Robinson got out of the vehicle and attempted to enter a residence on Hamilton Street. The door was locked and Robinson could not enter. Officer Raspberry ordered Robinson to return to his vehicle, where he was charged with recall of a previous DUI conviction on March 13, 2019. The car was towed to the city’s seized property and Robinson was taken to Carroll County Jail. He received a verbal warning for attempting to escape on foot from arrest.