Minuteman Press Franchise Acquires Greentree Printing and Signal

The Giegel family have acquired Greentree Printing and Sign and have moved their Minuteman Press franchise operations from the South Hills area of ​​Dormont, Pennsylvania to 2351 Noblestown Road in the suburb of Green Tree, Pittsburgh. You have owned and operated Minuteman Press since 2004 and now serve Greentree Printing and Sign customers. Greentree has been an independent printer serving local customers since 1982.

Jarrett Giegel

Jarrett Giegel and his team look forward to supporting local companies and offering products and services that everyone needs in these times. Minuteman Press’ new branding equips its new location so that they can be easily recognized. “We ran numerous postal services in the spring, summer and fall to support local business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a very popular service. Of course, there is still a need for printed matter such as brochures, catalogs and stationery, but the demand for promotional items is also growing. “

With many companies moving into the digital workspace and doing business online through email, websites, and social media, Jarrett and his father Tim are confident that the revitalization of the local economy includes multi-channel marketing. “We also take care of the design of the print and online brand presentation. We can offer anything. Different types of customers require different levels of attention, and we can address all of them during face-to-face consultations by phone, email, or safely in person. The great thing about our franchise is that often we do one thing for a customer and they succeed with it and come back for more. Then we can tell them that we can do many additional things to support their goals. “

Minuteman Press at Green Tree is now up and running with a promotion: “We’ll print 500 free envelopes for you when you buy 500. Our new and long-term customers let the phones ring off the hook for that one. I see reason to be very hopeful about the future, as everyone wants to return to a normal life and a good economy. “

How has Minuteman Press fared during the crushing shutdown that was affecting local business? Tim says: “April and May were of course slower for us, but we stayed open. All Pennsylvania businesses were urged to close unless absolutely necessary. We were immediately recognized as an indispensable resource for local health and safety signage for hospitals and emergency services. We printed things to make sure the correct protocol was clearly understood. Retail stores needed floor graphics and signage so customers could have updated information and instructions. Business picked up speed again in July and it is certainly looking up again today. “

Get to know the Giegel family

As one of the owners of his family business, Minuteman Press, Tim Giegel had a completely different career until he retired six years ago. “My wife Susan and I wanted to buy a franchise together. We were inspired to work with our son Jarrett so that he could take over. It was a great decision that satisfied the urge to start something new, and it fulfilled the need we had as a family to develop a company that truly served the community. “

The printing franchise they bought in 2004 also served the community well in an international health challenge. Today they are popping up on the other side of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic with gusto. They bought an independent print shop and converted it into a Minuteman press center with greater capabilities than ever before.

The decision to purchase Minuteman Press’ first franchise business gave the Giegel family the professional flexibility to balance business growth with quality family life. “When we started in Dormont, Pennsylvania in 2004, I was still the CFO of a private production company. Susan worked at the University of Pittsburgh for 20 years while raising our five children and retiring in 2012. Our son Jarrett ran Operations, and I did the bookkeeping and other odd jobs that small businesses always have to do, ”explains Tim.

Years ago, the family first considered becoming a multi-unit franchise owner as their reputation deepened in the community. They had foresight about what would be ideal to speed up their goals. “We worked hard to grow, but we wanted to do more. We knew we had to buy another printing business and started talking to our local competitors. “

Acquisition and relocation to Green Tree

Selling an independent printing company is not always easy, so the discussion was welcomed by competitors willing to sell, and the process was helped by regional vice president Bob Heimbuch. “We selected a print shop in Green Tree that has been in operation for 38 years and is run by a married couple who announced that they would like to sell in 2020. We kept in touch and when the time came, in the middle of the pandemic, they were still wanting to sell their business and Bob was a great help. He was an important sounding board for us and pointed out encouraging facts. The print did not dry out during the quarantine. it survived because it matters. “

“Minuteman Press International provided a lot of helpful information when we bought an independent printing company and converted it to our new center, Minuteman Press in Green Tree.” – Jarrett Giegel, owner of Minuteman Press South Hills / Green Tree

Tim and his family management team have proudly promoted what the Minuteman Press Center can do for years. As a result, people think of their center when it comes to marketing, including signage. “We enjoyed the response from a new company that we were just printing signage for and helped ensure that the new signs were installed correctly. They were very satisfied, so we are currently doing some more exterior signs for their building. Greentree Printing and Sign has had an active large format sign business, so we are expanding this business for the benefit of all of our customers. “

“At some point we will be” normal “again,” assures Tim. “As we do this, there is greater demand for our products and services as people continue to feel comfortable. Next year is likely to be a big year for all of us as we are in the church doing this revival together. “

Source: Minuteman Press

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