Nanaholy Furnishings (Worldwide) Group First in China to Purchase EFI Cubik S1400 Single-Cross Inkjet Printer

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) today announced the first sale in China of its innovative wood decoration system, the EFI ™ Cubik S1400 single pass digital inkjet, in China Nanaholy is the largest furniture manufacturer in China with a production area of ​​620,000 square meters and an extensive research and development department.

Nanaholy brand is well known in China and has been recognized as one of the top 10 furniture brands in the Chinese furniture industry for several years in a row. This acquisition further strengthens Nanaholy’s leadership position by adding high quality direct digital dyeing for the manufacture of furniture door panels and related products.

“We used to use multi-pass UV inkjet to print on doors and other wood materials,” said a Nanaholy spokesman. “This technology couldn’t meet our production needs. With the EFI Cubik S1400 we can increase our production capacity and thus quickly meet customer requirements while leaving room for growth. “

High-end, fast productivity with a print width of 1.4 m
The EFI Cubik S1400 is an industrial class decoration system for floors, doors, panels and furniture. It has up to 12 ink stations that decorate wood with a natural look even on rough surfaces. The Cubik S1400 has a print width of 1.4 meters and can be operated at a speed of up to 60 meters per minute. In contrast to conventional analog wood decoration processes, the printer can produce large quantities of decorated products with shorter set-up times if required – without having to create printing plates and without having to keep a finished stock.

The Cubik S1400 printer from Nanaholy uses EFI mineral paints, which enable uniform and high-quality coloring without affecting the natural properties of the wood. In addition to being effective on furniture and interior floors, the mineral paints are also a good choice for outdoor applications as they have excellent lightfastness compared to other UV ink options. The EFI Cubik S1400 with mineral inks is a fast and ideal solution for staining hardwood, veneers and plywood. Users can save time and money by applying primer to plates before going through the printer.

Nanaholy’s new digital printer, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2020, follows a successful implementation of EFI Cubik technology in Europe. In North America, the Canadian company Kember Kreative Interiors recently purchased a 700 millimeter (27 inch) wide EFI Cubik S700 printer.

EFI Cubik technology offers furniture, flooring and other wood product manufacturers the ability to easily adapt to new trends in interior design and to react quickly to market demands for adjustments. In addition to digital coloring with mineral paints, Cubik technology is also available with UV LED inks that allow users to print stunning, high-resolution graphics, photographic images and vivid colors on wooden surfaces for highly decorative interior applications.

“We are very excited to be working with Nanaholy to bring EFI Cubik technology to China,” said Evandro Matteucci, vice president and general manager, Packaging and Building Materials, EFI. “Nanaholy’s new EFI Cubik S1400 will significantly increase production capacity and bring more innovation and versatility to the Chinese furniture industry.”

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