Nationwide Metropolis Church raises 16-foot Black Lives Matter banner

The new banners will replace a banner showing a quote from South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WASHINGTON – The National City Christian Church hoisted three 16-foot banners of “Black Lives Matter” shortly before the start of the pro-Trump rallies in response to what they described as “ongoing scare tactics and racial hatred” in the country.

The banners will be placed on the front pillars of the historic church to spread the message of civil rights and freedoms of black and brown Americans during pro-Trump rallies and the special session of Congress to win the electoral college vote in the 2020 presidential election to confirm .

The new banners will replace the current banner, which features a quote from South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church said.

“As followers of Jesus Christ, we reject the president’s call to violence and continue to proclaim that Black Lives is Matter,” said Provisional Senior Minister Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, in a statement posted with photos of the banners being erected. “We oppose the ideals of white supremacy and white Christian nationalism and declare that our church will continue to be a place of peace and healing,” the National City’s Christian church said in a statement.

This unprecedented move comes after several black churches in the district were destroyed during a pro-Trump demonstration in November.

The historic black churches reported that Black Lives Matter banners were stolen, torn and burned during protests. The National City Church also claims that Luther Place Lutheran Church has been repeatedly targeted by pro-Trump protesters.

Faith leaders from across the DMV have since gathered to hang a new Black Lives Matter banner on Friday, December 18, renouncing white supremacy in the service of unity.

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Ahead of Wednesday’s pro-Trump protests, DC police have already begun guarding the historic black churches that were destroyed by the previous protest.

Thousands of Trump supporters are expected to make their way into the nation’s capital to support the president’s electoral claims. Six people were arrested in DC on Tuesday, according to the Metropolitan Police Department (DC Police).

Videos on social media Tuesday showed protesters clash with DC police.

Mayor Muriel Bowser urged people to stay away from the city center.

In a statement released by Bowser’s office on Sunday, the mayor said the Metropolitan Police Department (DC Police) will be fully activated and she has instructed district authorities to prepare a public safety response.

Several DC hotels and restaurants closed ahead of the protests on Wednesday.

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