Native display screen printing store begins “Collectively Madison” marketing campaign

The owners of a local screen printing company are raising money and community spirit amid the pandemic. Many small businesses continue to have problems, especially those offering services that are not considered essential under Safer at Home. “Together Madison” is the message of a new campaign launched to help.

Corey Trzinski and Bryan Mach, co-owners of

McFarland makes and sells t-shirts that are free for other local small businesses.

“We don’t pose a risk to business. Sign up and send us a logo, ”Trzinski said. Each shirt costs about $ 30 online. $ 10 goes direct to the company whose logo is on the shirt and $ 5 goes to support River Food Pantry in Madison, the rest keeps the rest for material costs, shipping and labor.

“When someone buys a shirt, they support us, another company, and then they support the community with a donation to the food bank,” said Trzinski. He says this is a way for everyone to share this with a community spirit.

Any company can register as part of the company

. Over a hundred shirts were sold in just four days.