Native display screen printing store will get new homeowners, plans to relocate

Snapdragon, a long-time Wilmington screen printing company focused on original art, has made a few changes under new ownership.

Two brothers, Zack and Tom Weaver, bought Snapdragon last year and have made some improvements over the past few months, remodeling the print shop at 1220 Dock St. in Wilmington. The company has operated in the Wilmington area for more than 30 years.

The Weaver brothers bought the company from former owner Bob Bernard, who “was willing to retire and turned to Zack about the purchase,” said Tom Weaver. Zack Weaver had worked as an artist and printer for Snapdragon for more than 10 years before buying the brothers.

To do business with his brother, Tom Weaver sold his Michigan home and moved to Wilmington. Since the Weaver brothers completed the purchase of the store, the store has had a “smooth transition” with new ownership, they said.

The Weaver brothers recently shared plans to move the company to bigger business next year, with their sights set on either the Castle Street Arts & Antique District or the Brooklyn Arts District.

“I hope a new building will be selected in early 2019. There will be a small extension with a bigger room and we hope we can combine that.” [the space] along with our screen printing in an art gallery and studio, “said Tom Weaver.

The feel of these neighborhoods in Wilmington goes very well with the theme of the business, which not only does screen printing, graphic design and monogramming, but also gives local artists a chance to showcase their work, said Zack Weaver.

“I’ve had an art studio here in town for the past eight years, so I wouldn’t mind combining everything in one room. I have a lot of artist friends in town who also have art studios outside of the house. So when, when we If we can all come together in one area, it would benefit the art community I belong to and keep Snapdragon’s business going, ”said Zack Weaver.

Art is a side effect of the business where the Weaver brothers want to do more with their future move.

In the meantime, they keep branching out into the local business market and getting to know the community, said Tom Weaver. On the printing side of the business, the print shop was expanded to include an additional six-color printing machine, two new employees were hired and now sells original designs in the workshop as well as embroidery.

The additional staff will give Zack Weaver more time to focus on the art, he said.

The company caters to local groups, including clients like the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, as well as local bars like the Barbary Coast and High Tide Lounge. The company prints on a range of fabrics from t-shirts (right) to blankets and bags.

In the future, the company would like to develop more original designs and offer its customers cheaper organic options and products made in America.

For the future of the business, Zack Weaver said, “I want to keep the strong customer base we have while expanding into more artistic avenues, strengthening our bond with the community, and doing whatever we can to work with more nonprofits and things of that nature.

“And just work more directly with artists to help them get their art onto salable goods. It’s a difficult city to make money selling original paintings, “he said.” So all we can do to help artists put some money in their pockets. ”