New display screen printing store can deal with mixture of initiatives

BAY SHORE – Entrepreneur Seth Manthei opened a new store last January, a screen printing company called Threadsy.

The focus in the Manthei shop differs from some other printing companies. He specializes in small jobs, unusual jobs that other printers don’t care, jobs that require unusual methodology or creativity, and projects that are needed by nonprofit groups.

“We’ll do whatever the customer wants,” said Manthei. “It doesn’t matter if they have their own design or want us to create one or have something printed on other media, we do it.”

T-shirts are by far the most frequently ordered items, but Threadsy prints designs on cardboard for shipping, on paper for posters or stationery, or even on wood for signs.

“We just completed a fun project for a nonprofit in Alabama and a ready-to-sell product for Great Lakes Proud and Great Lakes Children’s Museum,” said Manthei. “We like small businesses and nonprofits.”

The new company uses printing with water-based and corrosive inks. The specialty ink will not crack or peel. The dye sticks to the fibers and naturally fades with the fabric.

Manthei has four devices in his home workshop. His orders usually take seven to ten days. He uses a combination of computer-generated designs and hand-drawn work.

“It’s convenient to work from home, but the downside is that no one goes by and sees the store,” said Manthei.

Manthei therefore uses the Internet for sales purposes. His online shop is at Threadsy can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He can also be contacted by email at, by phone at (231) 838-1106, and by mail at PO Box 281, Petoskey, MI 49770.

His Threadsy workshop is eight miles west of Petoskey, near Bay Shore.

Manthei has a background in sales and management and holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Fullsail University in Florida. Both he and his wife Stephanie grew up in Petoskey and wanted to return to their hometown to raise their family – including a young daughter Isabella and two huskies. Her three year plan for the store is to open a retail store with plenty of public visibility.

Manthei is no stranger to business, entrepreneurship, hard work, or uninterrupted work. His family is in the road construction and timber business, and he knows how to develop a clientele and keep them satisfied.