New Touch7 Neon Colour Guides Simplify Use of Neon Inks in Digital Printers

West Chester, Ohio – New Touch7 Neon Color Manuals are available now to make it easier for graphic designers to use the neon and fluorescent inks offered by various press manufacturers. Until now, graphic designers who prepare files for use with the new neon inks have limited themselves to commercially available guides made with offset lithography. However, when designers try to use these analog color guides in digital printing, the resulting print is often disappointing. This means lengthy trial and error when attempting to design for the latest digital printing engines. Because inks vary from manufacturer to printing machine, the Touch7 Color Manuals are only manufactured and sold by the printer manufacturers and are only used for their machines. Richard Ainge, Developer of the Touch7 Process, said of the new Touch7 Neon Color Guides: “Touch7 Neon Color Manuals are printed by Color-Logic partners who make digital printing engines, so they reflect exactly what is happening when you use the Graphic designers will be amazed at the time savings and predictability of their jobs when they use Touch7 software to prepare files for printing. Your printing customers will be amazed at the amazing color improvements that are possible. The first Touch7- Neon Color Instructions available apply to pink and yellow neon and fluorescent colors on their digital presses. Touch7 offers press manufacturers 760 colors for each neon color in addition to the standard CMYK inks available. The Touch7 neon color instructions allow printers to demonstrate graphics and communicate with designers for advanced Color palette as well as the delicate pastel colors, that are possible on digital presses without the difficulty of trying to find colors that can be seen in an offset guide. “

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Color-Logic Touch7 Neon example