Newman Print Provides 5-meter FUJIFILM Acuity Extremely Printer – Overlaying the Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, announced the installation of the 5-meter Acuity Ultra printer at Newman Print, a division of Newman Signs, one of the largest sign makers and makers in Jamestown, ND.

Newman Print installed an Acuity Select HS flatbed printer from Fujifilm in 2017 and recently installed an Acuity Ultra superwide roll printer to increase capacity and throughput to meet the demands of customers and the communities they serve.

“With the recent installation of the Acuity Ultra 5-meter printer, Newman Print and its users have access to the latest technology designed to deliver remarkable quality, exceptional productivity and consistent reliability,” said Todd Zimmerman, Division President of FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

Newman Print is a printing company that produces road signs, billboards, posters, vinyl posters, banners, custom signs, and contract work for the city nationwide. Its task is to manufacture high-quality, high-volume products.

“Satisfying demand and improving our customer experience is partly due to our equipping our facility with the right technology. Compared to our previous printer, the Acuity Ultra has increased production and capacity by 40-45%. The increased print speed allows us to handle priority and rush jobs with ease, ”said Nathan Rathjen, GM of Newman Print. “With the help of the Acuity Ultra printer, we are well positioned to handle high volume inquiries from current and new customers that have grown our business.”

The Acuity Ultra printer is available in 3.2-meter and 5-meter models.

“One of the things that work really well with the Acuity Ultra is the 3 ounces. Polyethylene, ”said Rathjen. “We figured we’d have a lot of problems because it’s so thin, slippery, and prone to static buildup, but we didn’t have any problems with it, and that was a pleasant surprise. Substrates that we thought would be a problem weren’t. The ink seems to harden perfectly, does not crack or scratch.

“Choosing the right printer was critical to Newman Print. Our customers expect a high quality product with a short turnaround time. The team looked at a number of options and it was clear that Fujifilm would meet our needs, ”concluded Rathjen.