NYC Butcher Closes After CEO Removes Satisfaction Flag, Black Lives Matter Banner


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A multi-location butcher shop in New York City was temporarily closed after three dozen employees left the company after the CEO removed a Pride flag and Black Lives Matter banner from several of the company’s stores, Forbes reported.

John Adams, the CEO of Fleisher’s, a restaurant specializing in the highest quality meat, took off the LGBTQ flag and Black Lives Matter mark in response to a complaint from Rob Rosania, one of the company’s leading investors, Forbes reported. Last month, Rosania Adams said he received a message from a friend in Westport, Connecticut, who was “offended” by the Black Lives Matter signs. Rosania then asked for the sign to be removed, according to Forbes.

Shortly thereafter, Adams traveled to the store’s Connecticut and New York restaurants to pick up the Black Lives Matter banner and LGBTQ Pride flag. Within moments of the removal, employees branded the CEO’s actions as insincere and found that this undermined his efforts to be “accountable to the company”. According to Forbes, of around 40 employees at Fleisher, around half are colored or identify as non-binary and queer.

The only black clerk at the butcher’s shop in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, Ajani Thompson, ripped off the CEO for failing to keep his promise to employees.

“I told him he failed at this,” Thompson, 32, told Forbes. “You tried to win our trust and I am not comfortable here. I don’t feel safe coming to work because you didn’t. “

After the controversy, employees left the company in waves. Within hours of the strike, Adams put the signs back on the shop fronts, apologized, and sent a picture confirming the change. Forbes reports that the establishment has tried to reinstate workers. However, due to this incident, the locations are temporarily closed.

Fleisher’s New York City offices are located at 1325 Third Avenue on East 76th Street on the Upper East Side and 192 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. The other two locations are in Greenwich and Westport, Connecticut, according to the company’s website.

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