Offended dealer flies ‘nuts’ banner over Robinhood headquarters

This whole situation is crazy.

A vulgar airplane banner condemning Robinhood financial services platform flew near the company’s headquarters in San Francisco on Friday, TMZ reported.

Some of the banner read: “SUCK MY N-TS-ROBINHOOD – NOWADAYSMEDIA.”

The blatant news was allegedly in response to Robinhood’s attempt to put restrictions on some of the busiest stocks of the past week, including AMC Theaters and GameStop.

The Robinhood app. The Robinhood app. (Patrick Sison /)

It’s the latest chapter in a whirlwind saga in which AMC and GameStop stock prices have skyrocketed in the past few days as Reddit users started investing in the companies.

On Friday, Twitter user @KasparCMS said the plane banner would fly over San Francisco.

The user tweeted, “And I pushed the pilot a few extra dollars to circling right over RobinHood’s headquarters for a while. Take some photos, I don’t even live there. “

A GameStop store in Union Square last Thursday.A GameStop store in Union Square last Thursday. A GameStop store in Union Square last Thursday. (John Minchillo /)

This comes a week after an airplane banner was seen near the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida from an unknown source.