On the lookout for a Cookie Banner? Add One to Your Website With Termly

If you run a website, adding cookie banners, GDPR, CCPA, and other compliances can be time consuming and difficult. With Termly, it’s quick and easy.

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Most websites these days have a privacy policy. GDPR regulations, cookie laws and other data protection regulations mean that companies need to inform customers about how their data is stored and used.

However, setting up compliance notices and privacy policies can be a confusing, time-consuming, and potentially expensive task. Organizations must ensure that guidelines and notices are up to date and comply with legal requirements. This is where Termly comes in.

Do you need compliance information? Termly has you covered

Termly is a tool that allows you to create custom disclosures or policies for your website or app. It is designed to help websites, online shops and app developers comply with data protection regulations without the need for legal expertise.

All you have to do is sign up and fill in the details of your website or app. You can then create custom policies for your site. In addition, you can use Termly’s Cookie Consent Manager to search your website for cookies, install a cookie banner and monitor compliance with cookies, which are required by many international regulations.

Termly can be used to ensure compliance with:

  • GDPR

  • Google GSB

  • AdWords

  • Cookie law

  • Appstore

  • Google play

  • CCPA

  • And more…

It doesn’t matter whether you run a blog, online magazine, e-commerce business, or mobile app – privacy is of the essence. Users have a legal right to know how their personal information is used by the websites they visit.

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Disclosure policies, terms and conditions (T & Cs) or terms of use, cookie policy, and privacy policy are critical. These guidelines and conditions cover the different ways in which visitor data is used and the behavior of visitors.

Termly’s features improve compliance

Why register with Termly?

  • Multiple business platforms: Termly offers a comprehensive compliance suite for blogs, e-commerce, apps and more.
  • Always up to date: GDPR and CCPA are regularly optimized by their regional legislators. Automatically updates any policies you use to meet requirements for new laws and regulations.
  • Easy to use: Just create a policy and then copy and paste a link or code snippet into your site.
  • Save legal costs: Maintaining a team of lawyers to create legal guidelines that you can use on your website. You pay for Termly, not the lawyers.

In short, Termly makes it easy to comply with local regulations for your website. This in turn helps reassure your readers and customers that your business is trustworthy, reliable and transparent.

Termly offers simple pricing

Would you like to use Termly to efficiently manage your readers’ privacy and make it easier for them to act decisively?

Termly’s pricing plan is straightforward.

Basic use for testing and development starts is free. This option allows a single legal notice to be used for a domain. Directives are compatible with both US and EU laws. The basic package also includes a cookie banner for up to 100 monthly visits and an annual cookie scan.

Termly’s Pro + plan is $ 10 per month billed annually or $ 20 per month billed monthly. With unlimited government regulations and payments per domain, this is the best option for live sites. It updates the base package with additional features, including the option to embed guidelines in your site, remove the Termly logo, and add other customizations. Monthly unique visitors are unlimited and automatic cookie scans are performed once a month.

Manage your website’s privacy policy with Termly

Current data protection laws mean that websites need clear information for visitors, explaining how their data will be used. Terms and guidelines are often basic and general. Termly helps you ensure that your legal guidelines are comprehensive, clear, and updated regularly. Additionally, you don’t need to hire a lawyer to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Imagine the savings you will have!

Most of all, Termly is affordable and easy to set up and use. With just a few clicks, Termly’s consent solution and policies run on your website. As simple as that.

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