Pandemic causes dwelling printing BOOM – 27% now use their printer day by day!

We have all had to adjust over the past 12 months as we have struggled to work or study in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the on and off switches. One area that has changed a lot due to the fact that more people are at home is home pressure – which has increased a lot.

More than 20% of people said they are printing more now than they were before the pandemic. A recent survey shows exactly how people’s printing habits at home have changed over the past 12 turbulent months.

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Some of the results of the survey conducted by UK retailer Cartridge People are quite revealing. Some of the highlights are:

  • More than one in five prints more today than before the pandemic
  • Over a quarter of people use their printer every day, and half now print weekly
  • 28% of people now use their printer to work from home, 14% now need to print either for their child’s education or for their own education
  • 12% of people use their printer to print their photos
  • HP is currently the most popular printer manufacturer in the UK (with 47% of respondents).
  • Inkjet printers are used by over three-quarters of UK printer owners
  • Amazingly, more than one in ten printer owners don’t know whether their printer accepts ink or toner cartridges

Whether you’re printing photos or documents, or printing schoolwork for your kids or college studies, we all rely more on decent home printers to make our lives easier.

Printer brands have brought out more user-friendly printer solutions. With the WorkForce Pro WF-4745 and the EcoTank ET-5880, Epson has launched two new multifunctional printers for small and home offices. Canon recently launched a new range of affordable Canon home office printers.

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