Phillips: Residents not pleased with impeach banner

I don’t know who you are, and after seeing that hideous, hateful banner you hang in your front yard in the northwest corner of our ward, I’m pretty glad I don’t.

I bet a lot of your neighbors think the same way as I do, and I have no doubt that thousands of members of our community would not join you either. You may recognize yourself after reading it. Your banner, which was clearly bought somewhere, reads, “Impeach Trump, Make America Great Again.”

Are you proud of yourself, so hated by a man who is respected and adored by many, a president who is arguably our last hope to clean up the filth and corruption in the halls of our lawmakers in Washington? Is that ugly message really something you want your neighbors to see, or are you just so dizzy with the end result of this election that there is no hint of dignity in you?

How sad you make an example.

Debby Phillips

Sun City West