Poland Printer Transitions To Nazdar Inks – Overlaying the Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

items recently worked with printing machine and ink suppliers DiPrinter.com Conversion of the UV inkjet inks of the Mimaki JFX500 printer to Nazdar 707 series.

“The DiPrinter technician who installed Nazdar inks on our Mimaki printer was a breath of fresh air. He was comprehensive and knowledgeable, not only dealing with the installation, but also thoroughly explaining the process and providing training to the team and given tips, “said Artur Suchecki. Designer / print operator, Artgraf.

Nazdar 707 Series UV Inks are a plug-and-play game for the OEM inks, according to Nazdar.

“Initially, we were concerned that our existing color profiles would not work with the new ink, but we found that the Nazdar 707 series inks matched the OEM so closely that we couldn’t tell when the OEM was -Inks ran out and the Nazdar inks started printing. “Suchecki said.

Artgraf has been running Nazdar 707 series inks on its Mimaki JFX500 flatbed printer for several months.

“The Nazdar 707 series has been really good since the switch and we have had no problems at all. We definitely plan to switch our other printers to Nazdar digital inks in the near future,” said Suchecki. “Of course, ink performance is most important, but beyond that it was great to see the savings in ink costs and the improved business efficiency that the switch brought us. And while we certainly don’t expect any problems, our DiPrinter.com and Nazdar support teams are always available when we need them. “

Nazdar will be showcasing the Nazdar 707 series ink set and a range of alternative inkjet, screen printing and narrow web inks at FESPA 2020 in Madrid (March 24-27).

“Our new UV inkjet inks are designed to be a direct replacement for OEM inks and offer significant savings to the end user,” said Josh Lutz, manager of Nazdar’s global UV digital inkjet inks market. “Artgraf has discovered the benefits of using Nazdar 707 series inks on their Mimaki: reliability, color accuracy, and a full support package thanks to the excellent customer service and technical expertise of DiPrinter.com.”