Printer begins making face masking masks

Excelsus Solutions, a Rochester-based printing company, has begun manufacturing and distributing face masks to serve key local businesses. The large print shop has used equipment for other purposes and hired workers to make masks.

Excelsus Solutions has started manufacturing and distributing face cover masks to support key local businesses. (Photo provided)

The masks were donated or sold to nursing homes and key businesses in the Rochester community, company officials said this week.

The masks manufactured by Excelsus Solutions are not approved by the FDA for medical purposes, but are made of washable cotton fabric and elastic loops. This is a viable solution when medical masks are not available, the company said in a statement. The masks are washable, reusable and designed to reduce the spread of germs and prevent facial contact. Excelsus face masks are also available in children’s sizes.

“During these troubled times, it is important that our company play a positive role in supporting our most important businesses and residents in the Rochester community,” said Mark Laniak, President and CEO. Fortunately, as a company, we are able to use our equipment to make face coverings that can be used by key companies that need to stay open. Our mission at this point is to supplement the supply of protective equipment to companies so that the valuable N95 masks can be reserved for the doctors and nurses fighting this pandemic from the front lines. “

Making Excelsus face maskThe commercial printer has donated masks to local law enforcement as well as nursing homes that need face covers to protect some of the most vulnerable residents in our community. Excelsus Solutions has donated around 500 masks and plans to continue increasing production to meet the 2,000 that have been ordered from various companies. / 585-653-4021
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