Reno Printing Providers Firm Launches 7-Channel Advertising Software, PotentPost

Reno Printing Services Company introduces the 7-channel marketing tool PotentPost
– PotentPost provides tracking capabilities at a time when USPS delivery speed is slowing. –

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RENO, Nevada – Reno Type, a Reno direct mail and printing company, has launched PotentPost, an omni-channel marketing solution that tracks and monitors the effectiveness of mail at a time when delivery speeds are slowing in the United States. PotentPost offers seven different enhancements to each and every direct mail, including delivery time estimates and delivery time confirmations, for customers looking to improve return on investment and maximize their existing reduced marketing budget.

“We are honored to be the first in this space to offer a service that brings so much to the Reno and Sparks businesses,” said Kurt Hoge, President of Reno Type. “We know companies have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and that the remaining marketing dollars must move the sales needle forward.”

PotentPost offers seven direct mail enhancements. A direct mail initiative is flanked by digital advertising on the front end and digital advertising after the direct mail has been delivered. PotentPost includes social matching (placing ads on Facebook and Instagram), mail tracking, informed delivery, call tracking, online follow-up, social media follow-up, and lead match services.

“PotentPost has helped our customers increase response rates by 26% to almost 50%,” said Hoge. “At the same time, we are drastically reducing the ‘costs per impression’ for our customers. A high CPI is assumed for direct mail. However, if we add hundreds of thousands of digital impressions across multiple channels, the CPI will go down. Customers get the tangible and tactile benefits of printing, as well as the traceability and low CPI of an online campaign. ”

Reno Type has a long history of incorporating cutting-edge technology into its services, starting with the first digital press in the state of Nevada in 1997. To learn how PotentPost works, interested parties can watch the video below.

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