RMGT Invitations Printers to a Customized 970 Digital Demo

RMGT, maker of the leading 8-UP sheetfed offset press in North America, will sponsor a personalized RMGT 970 virtual demo program that will highlight the new 8-UP + RMGT 970 offset press. The virtual press demonstration was presented for the first time at the PRINTING United Digital Experience. Printers seeking greater return on investment are invited to see for yourself why the RMGT 9 Series offers the highest, fastest return on investment in the industry.

8-UP + RMGT 970 offset printing machine

Registered printers can view the virtual press demonstration in their facility or remotely, regardless of their physical location. This virtual press demo program marks the North American debut of the new 8-UP + RMGT 970 and will be run by the four authorized RMGT sales and service centers in North America. You can find the free registration for the virtual demo program here.

The highlight of the demo program for the RMGT 970 virtual press will be a current demonstration of the new 8-color long-perfector offset printing machine RMGT 970. “With a number of unique, sequential print jobs, the RMGT 970 virtual demo shows a complete set-up where 250 color-accurate 8-up sheets are completely dried and printed to binder in less than four presses in less than four minutes,” says Chris Manley , President of Graphco. “While it is widely recognized that it has a great benefit on longer runs, a key feature of the virtual demo will be to demonstrate the advantage of offset printing over digital printing on short-term print jobs.”

“We are inviting all commercial printers to a personalized virtual demo RMGT 970 in the first quarter of 2021,” says Kian Hemmen, Vice President Sales, Print & Finishing Solutions. “The RMGT 970 is an exciting new product and the latest addition to the RMGT 9 series press family, which since 2014 includes over 80 new installations in North America. Over the past five years we have carved out a leadership position in the sheetfed press market, and we are excited to introduce the RMGT 970 in the North American market. “

The RMGT 970 virtual press demo program will be presented by the RMGT sales channel in North America. GE Richards will host the events in the northeastern United States. Graphco will host the American Midwest and Southeast. Printers in the western US will be giving presentations from Print & Finishing Solutions. RM Machinery will present to Canadian printers as well as Mitsubishi’s senior customers in the US.

Source: RMGT

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