Simplify the administration of your digital printing know-how

Are you frustrated by waiting for a service technician? Do you spend too much time collecting and reporting meters? Managing your Xerox technology is easy with Xerox Remote Print Services. When you securely connect your Xerox-enabled devices to our team of service and support experts, you will spend less time managing your products and more time focusing on your business.

Xerox Remote Print Services – Xerox expertise at your fingertips

Xerox Remote Print Services connects your activated digital printing technology with our experienced support team and intelligent, world-class tools to make managing your digital presses and multifunction devices easier.

Automated meter readings make it easy to collect meter readings for tracking and billing connected Xerox devices. This feature increases productivity by minimizing manual meter reading and improves accuracy by reporting actual usage.

Xerox Device Direct polls your digital presses for meter readings and diagnostic information before sending the data to customer support staff and technicians using secure, industry-standard web protocols.

With one of two client dashboards, you always have an overview of important software updates and information that is tailored to your operation

Xerox Device Agent (DA) Lite supports up to 2,000 devices simultaneously and provides secure basic monitoring for Xerox and non-Xerox Office products, including device alerts, usage data and other product information.

Xerox Remote Print Services provides a convenient, personalized platform to monitor and access online support and metrics for your fleet of Xerox digital printing technologies. Using one of two client dashboards, the MySupport Portal or the Account Management Portal, you can easily keep important software updates and information tailored to your operation up to date, resulting in better efficiency and productivity.

Automated Supplies Replenishment automatically orders toner and ink supplies for eligible and connected Xerox offerings. This minimizes ordering problems and saves time. Because the software uses actual usage and toner content, it optimizes your inventory and has supplies available when needed.

How does Xerox Remote Print Services work?

Once connected, a discovery agent (such as Xerox Device Direct or Xerox DA Lite) automatically collects service data such as diagnostic and status information directly from your device. This data is then transmitted to Xerox service personnel and technicians. At the same time, client dashboards display important information so that you can easily access and manage the information.

The following diagram shows the flow of communication from your environment to Xerox:

Information on Altron Document Solutions
Altron Document Solutions (ADS) is Africa’s leading technology and service company for document management and the largest Xerox distributor in the world. It is the authorized Xerox distributor in 26 countries south of the Sahara and offers the full range of Xerox document devices, software solutions and services. ADS is part of the Allied Electronics Corporation (Altron), which is listed on the JSE.

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