SNJ Enterprise installs EFI Professional32r+ LED Roll 2 Roll UV Printer    

SNJ Enterprise in Pune recently installed the EFI Pro 32r + LED Roll 2Roll UV digital printer. The machine was supplied by Arrow Digital, which also supplied an EFI Vutek GS3200 to the company in 2019.

Poonam Telkar, Director at SNJ Enterprise said, “We are extremely pleased with this latest addition and have always appreciated Arrow’s support. They have always helped us exceed our expectations and given us the confidence and confidence to move forward in this industry. In addition, they have the best technologies and solutions from the world’s best brands. “

Sam Patel, CEO and General Manager of Arrow Digital, added, “The EFI Pro 32r + 3.2 meter roll-to-roll LED printer is a competitive, profitable and economical all-in-one production-level printer. With a substantial capacity per month, it can serve a wide range of applications – including white and double-sided printing. It can print on a wide variety of substrates thanks to LED cooling curing technology. It has better ink consumption and lower power consumption. With the 7pl UltraDrop technology, rich graphics and texts with a real resolution of up to 847 dpi and a printing speed of 2756 ft2 / h are generated. “

“The printer offers four colors plus optional white with EFI Ultra Drop technology. With Cool Cure LED technology, you can do more for less and increase your chances of winning by offering more premium margin jobs while reducing operating costs and the environment lower footprint, ”added Patel.

The printer’s wide range of optional features enables users to achieve greater efficiency for faster, turnkey production. Optional inline slitters, auto-blocking, back-to-back printing, and iPhone applications are key additions that users can use to improve throughput by reducing or eliminating the need to process printed jobs on separate finishing tables .

Vishal Telkar, Director of SNJ Enterprise concluded, “We are confident that the addition will improve our printing capabilities and will certainly prove profitable. We look forward to developing and adding more Arrow printers and other devices in the years to come.” “

SNJ Enterprise is also the 3M Endorsed Graphic Manufacturer and currently works in a specialized workshop covering 3500 ft2 in Pune. The company is well equipped with the most modern printing machines.