Southeastern Grocers Converts 73 Shops to Harveys Banner

Wednesday November 16, 2016

There is a new strategy introduced by Southeastern Grocers on the buy side that aims to secure an entire segment of certain consumers. The company announced that as of yesterday 73 shops on its banners have now taken the name Harveys Supermarkets.

“We know that some of our customers are in need of money. You’re shopping on a budget. We want to try to make sure we give that to them best value we possibly can“, Said CEO and President Ian McLeod, according to FirstCoast News, the strategic decision.

Harveys stores have been remodeled from the Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo banners, and certain Harveys locations have received the same strategic improvements. The 73 shops opened their newly named doors yesterday Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Floridaaccording to

In addition to a remodeled appearance, Southeastern Grocers stated that a expanded meat department is at the forefront of this shifted focus. Stores now offer a wider meat selection with more smoked meat in larger packs and meat-specific value savings. The chain will also include more than 3,000 items at newly lowered prices.

Simultaneously with the new push for the Harveys chain, McLeod announced that the stores had done so Receive upgrades and conversions to the layout of each store. The banner provides a fresher, brighter and cleaner environment to appeal to the budget conscious consumer. Each business will also target the demographic environment with specific products and features.

The company said the switch was taking effect across multiple states Months of consumer researchUltimately, it was realized that price was a determining factor in where consumers shop.

The company expects Increase consumer traffic because the Harveys chain offers a different market proposal than Winn-Dixie or Bi-Lo. The new Harveys concept was originally introduced in Jacksonville, FL and Charlotte, NC, with each reporting increased numbers of consumers.

As the Harveys chain boots up, McLeod stated that the Winn-Dixie banner will not be abandoned in place of the tags. Rather, this shift is an incentive for the less affluent consumer.

As the strategy evolves, Deli Market News will continue to have the latest impact.

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