Speedy Colour First Industrial Printer in Nevada to Set up New 5-color Komori Lithrone G40 with H-UV™

Rolling Meadows, Ill. – Rapid Color, a Las Vegas-based national commercial printer, has installed a new Komori five-color Lithrone G40 with H-UV ™ (GL540). Rapid Color provides a full line of high quality commercial print products for the casino market and a variety of major household brands, making a name for itself as an industry leader in the commercial printing market. As the first commercial printer in Nevada to have Komori’s exclusive H-UV capabilities, the company selected the Komori GL540 with H-UV for its high print quality and reliability, as well as its excellent economy and environmentally friendly performance. Rapid Color reports that the high performance of the GL540 with H-UV increased the company’s speed to market by more than 20 percent, increased sales by 15 percent, and reduced waste by up to 50 percent in just five short months.

“I’ve dreamed of owning a Komori for a while. Komori presses are simply the Mercedes of presses, ”said David Huckabay, owner and president of Rapid Color. “The capabilities of this new press enable us to produce jobs more efficiently, offer even better prices than before, and get more done in less time – all of which pays off in tangible results. We are very happy.”

“The new Komori runs like a champion,” says Rapid Color’s website, promoting the advanced technology that enables Rapid Color to produce more work in the same amount of time. According to Huckabay, the press runs comfortably at 16,000 sheets per hour, which supports the company’s ability to offer products that can be printed and shipped within 24 hours. In addition, with the added H-UV system, the sheets can go straight from the press to the binders, which greatly improves efficiency and turnaround times. Komoris H-UV also works in the “non-ozone” wavelength of the UV spectrum, making it an environmentally friendly alternative and eliminating the need for venting. The use of only one piston when the press is delivered to cure the sheet metal also significantly reduces the costs compared to conventional UV.

“The combination of the GL540 with Komori’s H-UV system is the perfect storm for a company like Rapid Color, which is known for providing quick turnaround at competitive prices,” said Mark Milbourn, vice president of sales at Komori America. “We are pleased that Rapid Color is already enjoying the return on investment that the GL540 will certainly deliver.”