SPGPrints’ JAVELIN® Digital Printer and Superior Rotary Display Options to Be Featured at ITM 2018

Boxmeer, The Netherlands – SPGPrints digital printing solutions with Archer® technology and advanced rotary screens for apparel applications will be on display at its booth (Hall 6, Booth 606B) at ITM 2018, T? Yap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey, 14th – 17th April.

The highlights of the digital offering at the stand are the 1850 mm wide version of the JAVELIN® printer, a range of inks for a wide range of fabrics and information on other digital printers with Archer technology.

“Since its debut at ITM 2016, the JAVELIN printer has been installed in textile printing plants around the world, complementing existing digital machines and screen printing production,” said Hakan Uzman, Managing Director of SPGPrints Turkey. “Tekboy Tekstil has been operating his JAVELIN printer here in Istanbul for a year to supplement production capacity and meet the increased requirements for shorter runs, fast throughput times and on-demand sample printing.”

The six-color JAVELIN is a production scan printer that uses the unique Archer technology from SPGPrints and the Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads to fire variable drops of ink (2-10 pL) up to 4 mm onto the substrate.

With a performance of up to 367 running meters per hour, the JAVELIN is suitable for medium performance levels and situations in which frequent changes between different materials and ink chemicals are required.

For larger quantities, information on the SPGPrints PIKE® printer is available at the booth, which offers high-speed single-pass production with the same proven Archer technology. PIKE can reach speeds of up to 40 linear meters per hour and enables users to offer global fast fashion brands lead times of less than a week for orders over 100,000 linear meters.

The “Archer Print Head Program” from SPGPrints is available for both printers, offering a 2.5-year guarantee on print heads in combination with the use of accredited inks.

In addition to production flexibility, the JAVELIN and PIKE printers deliver high-quality prints with fine lines, solid spots, precise geometries and micro-patterns. This makes them ideal for today’s design trends and requirements for fast fashion.

SPGPrints manufactures its own inks for JAVELIN and PIKE printers in its recently expanded ink plant at its headquarters in Boxmeeer, The Netherlands. The NEBULA® line of digital inks from SPGPrints are designed for use with printers with Kyocera printheads. Acid, reactive, dispersion and sublimation inks are available and ensure smooth operation, a wide range of colors and excellent quality with little maintenance.

Screens for exceptional print quality

SPGPrints continues to lead innovation in display technology as it recognizes the complementarity of digital and display production to meet the demands of today’s markets quickly and cost-effectively.

At the stand at ITM 2018, visitors will find a selection of screens and printed textiles that demonstrate the properties of the NovaScreen® series. NovaScreen displays have relatively high open spaces thanks to the number of meshes with minimal spacing between holes, maximize paste transfer, and are available in a range of meshes from 135 to 245 holes per linear inch. This leads to higher printing speeds and paste yields. NovaScreen’s robust nickel construction offers stability at high speed, long life and easy handling.

The NovaScreen 245 network offers exceptional definition and resolution. With hole sizes of 40 micrometers, it has an exceptionally high mesh count. This offers two important quality advantages: Firstly, perfect halftones and tonal gradations are printed, although transitions were not previously possible with rotary screen printing. This is made possible by fine grids that create homogeneous color impressions on the printed surface. Fine lines and smaller dots can also be reproduced, allowing greater creativity with geometric patterns and halftones for fashion and interior decor applications.

The booth will also feature SPGPrints RandomScreen®, a 125-mesh screen with a 79-micron hole that suppresses halftone moiré. The holes are stochastically located off-line, eliminating the risk of unwanted patterns showing up in printed results. RandomScreen can also save paste, especially when printing with pigment.

Optimize images with direct laser engraving and laser imaging

For the best results with SPGPrints’ NovaScreen line, direct laser engraving and imaging solutions can reduce screen prep times, accelerate throughput, and increase productivity. Information on these laser engraving systems is available at the booth.

The SPGPrints bestLEN offers state-of-the-art direct laser engraving for effortless, repeatable quality of the screen image. Direct laser engraving is a one-step dry process: just engrave the design you want and print. This eliminates the need for costly consumables such as film, ink or chemicals, and time-consuming processes such as exposure and washing.

The laser exposure system smartLEX 7430 from SPGPrints uses the unique multi-beam diode technology, which combines a long service life, high productivity and resolutions of up to 2540 dpi. smartLEX 7430 exposes screens with a length between 300 mm and 3500 mm. Exposing cycles can take up to 12 minutes and the intuitive, easy-to-use Smart GUI software requires relatively little experience to master.

“There is no doubt that the textile printing market is a very exciting place right now. With high-performance digital printers that work alongside advanced screen technologies with precise laser engraving and imaging systems, new applications such as soft signage and new market dynamics are driving this important industry forward, ”concluded Uzman. “With products for the entire workflow, SPGPrints is in a unique position to help its customers find the right solutions for success.”

The SPGPrints JAVELIN® printer was demonstrated at the company’s Experience Center in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.