Spokane-based Choose Threads merges with Bison Printing

Spokane-based Bison Printing is acquiring Select Threads custom socks company to expand screen printing capabilities for businesses, groups and sports teams.

As part of the merger, the two companies will operate under Bison Printing. Kyle Peterson, co-founder of Select Threads, will assume the role of general manager for the company, overseeing business development, account management and the expansion of his sports department.

The merger gives Select Threads the opportunity to pursue the goal of expanding its line of products beyond bespoke socks, Peterson said.

“We’re joining a team of designers,” said Peterson. “Bison has a full production team and more financial stability than (Select Threads). It made sense to be acquired by them. “

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Select Threads was founded in 2013 by Peterson and Zach Stensland after taking a marketing course at Mt. Spokane High School. Since then, the company has grown from processing small custom sock orders to printing socks in bulk for Hoopfest, BECU, The Great PNW and various nationwide companies and sports teams.

Peterson established a relationship with Bison Printing through a mutual relationship with The Great PNW, which sells clothing, hats and accessories.

Bison Printing was founded by Grayson Ervin last year and shares a 7,000 square foot store at 519 N. Sycamore St. with The Great PNW, a client of the screen printing company.

Bison Printing has also created clothing for Hooptown USA, Perry Street Brewing, Pacific Pizza, Summit Church, Hello Sugar, and South Hill Football Club.

“I feel like we are at our core making retail quality garments,” said Ervin, the company’s president. “That’s the bulk of our work and that’s our specialty.”

Ervin said he was interested in acquiring Select Threads because the company has unique ties to businesses and sports teams.

By partnering with Select Threads, Bison Printing can print uniforms or starter kits for customers, which include hats, jerseys, sweatshirts and socks, Ervin said.

The demand for printed matter and clothing for Bison Printing with seven employees is high, said Ervin.

“To be honest, things have never been busier,” he said. “From today we are fully booked for a month.”

The Select Threads acquisition will support Bison Printing’s long-term growth, said Ervin. The company could hire more employees in the future.

“I think we’re going to double up and Kyle will be a big part of it,” said Ervin.