Posted by Wayne Robinson | March 11, 2021

Canon Production Printing Australia has signed a partnership agreement with Starleaton to resell the award-winning Colorado roll-to-roll printer range across Australia.

Colorado Deal: (lr) Craig Nethercott, General Manager of Canon Production Printing Oceania, and Ben Eaton, CEO of Starleaton

The agreement is intended to be of mutual benefit to the well-known brands, both of which have taken on the position of “full solution provider” in the sign and display market.

The two industry powerhouses “swear the agreement will also benefit Australian printers as they continue to develop their large format application sets,” they say thanks to the Colorado’s application versatility and premium technology.

The new reseller agreement is designed to expand the indirect B2B channel for Canon Production Printing Australia and help diversify into adjacent markets that require complementary technology.

For Starleaton, the award-winning Colorado roll-to-roll printer is intended to expand the scope in the sign and display market.

Craig Nethercott, General Manager of Canon Production Printing Oceania, said, “Having successfully established itself in the global and Australian markets as a high volume, high quality, high volume system that is tech rich enough to print a wide variety of applications, we are now looking for ours Expand reach to markets and printers that we do not currently serve.

“In Starleaton, we have found a partner who both understands the benefits of technologies such as UVGel and FLXfinish in terms of application versatility and can support our growth efforts to expand our reach in the Australian commercial printing market.

“We are passionate about bringing the best products to the Oceania printing industry, and we recognize that by opening up the indirect channel, we’re giving more printers the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Colorado family,” he says.

The family owned company El, Starleaton, recognizes the strategic move as an opportunity to further expand its presence in the commercial printing market. Ben Eaton, CEO of Starleaton, said: “Our relationship with Canon Production Printing Australia is an exciting new endeavor for both companies, especially to ensure that the Australian printing industry has the solutions it needs to thrive in today’s dynamic environment to be.

“We have seen the Colorado growing rapidly around the world for the past 18 months. Productivity increased and the counters were printing well above those of competing machines. We are confident that the Colorado will be a perfect match for our customer base.

“The new offer will benefit customers who want to take the next step towards higher performance, quality and production savings. It complements our existing large format printer range and covers every budget and every performance requirement.

“To ensure market success, we have 12 personal account managers with extensive media experience who can help print service providers adapt to new market technologies that can support their growth and development. Our experience with Onyx, Fiery, and X-rite will also create media profiles that match the Colorado for the best possible result.

“In addition, our already seamless national service coverage is supported by ProCare, the after-sales service for the roll-to-roll printer series in Colorado. This means that print service providers can benefit from higher productivity and minimal downtime, ”he says.

With well over 1,000 installations worldwide, Canon’s Colorado roll-to-roll printer series is the solution for a variety of large format applications. The Colorado 1650 printer is an award-winning roll-to-roll printer that Canon says is “a flexible yet robust ink set and FLXfinish, a new approach to LED curing that allows the user to choose between matte and gloss modes Single print. “This means customers can achieve different aesthetic surfaces without having to switch inks or media.Now available nationwide at Starleaton: Canon Colorado

Now available nationwide at Starleaton: Canon Colorado