Steady Inkjet Printer From: Videojet Applied sciences Inc.

Designed for productivity pioneers on their way to Industry 4.0, the Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer features the advanced MAXIMiZE ™ diagnostic platform that monitors the health and performance patterns of the printer and helps the operator easily identify if a Error is likely to occur. Advance warnings are intended to prevent expensive downtimes so that maintenance and changes can be planned in line with production.

When a problem arises, the optional VideojetConnect ™ Remote Service helps operators react and recover quickly with real-time notifications and instant visibility of printer data. Rapid Recover ™, included as a standard part of VideojetConnect ™ Remote Service, uses advanced automated troubleshooting to quickly diagnose a failure and recommend actions to repair or replace with a replacement part so that production can resume in 20 minutes or less can be. Simple onboard instruction videos provide operator instructions for basic tasks, while Videojet CIJ experts are available for remote assistance upon request. Remote access provided by the customer can allow a Videojet technician to adjust configuration settings remotely instead of requiring a service visit.

“For many of our customers, one hour of production downtime is one hour too much. With the Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet Printer, we not only want to deliver world-class reliability and uptime, we also want to provide a suite of built-in diagnostic, remote service and recovery tools. We expect these solutions to enable our customers and Videojet to see, understand and take action anytime, anywhere, ”said Mithun Ramachandran, CIJ Business Unit Director at Videojet.

Operator errors are often a major cause of downtime, scrap, and rework, but the Videojet 1880 helps ensure that the right, high-quality code is applied every time with a suite of code management tools, line integration capabilities, and unique features. The printhead 1880 contains a sensor that enables the printer to detect buildup of ink in the printhead and then notify an operator of potential code quality problems. Then an operator can activate the new auto-rinse function at the push of a button to remove ink deposits within 90 seconds. Compared to previous models, the 1880 makes printhead cleaning easier, faster and more consistent with less manual intervention.

With the 1880, Videojet expands its portfolio of SIMPLICiTY ™ CIJ printers, which have tablet-inspired touchscreen interfaces with built-in error protection rules to reduce training and refresher courses for most printer operations.

Designed to minimize operator disruption, the Videojet 1880 offers longer fluid refill intervals, less printhead cleaning and minimal preventive maintenance than previous models, so the operator can focus on production. The Videojet 1880 is characterized by a first-class make-up liquid consumption of only 3.5 ml / hour, which reduces operating costs. In combination with a larger 1 liter cartridge size, the time between changing the make-up cartridge can be doubled Compared to changeover times with other Videojet CIJ printers. An intelligent start-stop sequence and an advanced Cleanflow ™ printhead design help to extend the intervals between printhead cleaning. With the single service module, annual user maintenance only takes five minutes and helps keep printers in top condition year after year.

The 1880 handles harsh production environments and difficult applications. The printhead surface is angled so it can be placed closer to the product, while its 350-degree rotatability allows more mounting options in tight or cramped spaces. An optional IP66 rating and 316 stainless steel provide protection in corrosive and other harsh environments. With over 30 long-life inks to choose from, including green inks to meet CSR initiatives and regulatory restrictions, Videojet can find the ideal ink for specific applications.