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Windridge textile printing

Address: 1023 Industrial Dr. in Shelby

A Q&A with owner Dustin Waller

Employee: Troy Near, Brandan Pranger and Dave Near

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What they offer: Full custom screen printing with embroidery, signs, banners, vehicle graphics, signposts, interior and exterior signs, direct vinyl, and more. Our work ranges from something very basic to something very complex.

Why did you want to own this type of business? I’d worked here for a month or two of my senior year and really knew the shirt side. In the end, I managed the place and we grew a little more and had to hire more. We kept growing and I thought I could try. We have such a good niche with the businesses and schools in the area. I treat almost everyone like a friend. If you’re not already my friend, I’ll get to know you and your family. I’m trying not to just get her in and out of here. We have a good customer base.

The most memorable day in your company? Most days are! We have a lot of visitors and friends and they think it’s like a café. We shared lots of laughs with them over a cup of coffee and a donut.

What is it like to serve our community in this business role? I am very happy and my employees can see that the customer is satisfied with what they ask for and what they are looking for. I know they will be repeat customers for the most part and will be customers for a long time because they are impressed with what we do. We meet their needs and try to exceed them.

How did our community react to your company? I would say quite well, for the situation we are in, for the number of years we have spent in the industrial park, and before that it was really out of the house. There are people I meet who say I didn’t even know you were there! I’ll have someone stop by and say I drove over here and was wondering what are you guys doing? As far as you have replied, I have many loyal customers. In a world where loyalty is a difficult word, I can say I have a lot of loyal customers – they keep coming back year after year. We will not give up! The loyalty and relationship in this area really showed.

As an entrepreneur, how did you manage to get more involved in our community? I’m in the chamber and I was the Rec President for the Shelby Rec Club. I am a trustee at Shelby Road Baptist Church. I try to be as involved as possible. I was part of a group of companies that met in New Era. I also trained for youth sports.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Oceana County? I would have to say the change of seasons as I like about all of them. Fall for hunting and football. Spring for flowers and new customers and new stores opening. Summer for, well – we live in Michigan – it’s great! I start to like winter less and less. It is the change of seasons for local support from farmers to schools and communities.

Future plans? We have some future endeavors to work on.

Why is it important to shop small and locally? I had a man explain it to me yesterday. He owns a shop and usually buys shirts for his workers at Christmas each year, but with a skeleton crew he hasn’t been able to. So when he got a little more money from his incentive, he still wanted to do that. He came here and ordered the shirts. He could have gone somewhere else, but he said he wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. It’s all about this.

Final thoughts? Other business owners may not know this, but I would tell people to go to them for certain things that I don’t offer. It’s just one of those things that you hope others will do in this area too. In the time we are in we can keep the doors open, and as long as people support us, we will continue to offer good products for a long time to come.