Tecglass installs the biggest digital printer for glass within the Center East

With a size of 3,300 x 12,000 mm, the Vitro Jet FS24 was developed to optimize printing oversized glass. Thanks to the special movement of the print head parallel to the support table Side Kinetix technology The Tecglass digital printer is specially designed to always print along the long edge of the glass. This makes it an effective tool for the on-demand adjustment of glass with a length of 12 meters in no time. This patented technology ensures increasingly efficient printing and production processes.

The many advantages of this model don’t end there, however. It has a print resolution of 1440 dpi, 12 color channels that are always available at maximum speed, 48 individual heads (each with 1000 nozzles) for maximum performance and 7 different ink drop sizes to make the best possible use of Tecglass ceramic inks. This makes the Vitro Jet FS24 one of the best tools for maximizing the use of architectural glass in the most demanding decorative design projects.

The agreement signed last year formalizes a new partnership between Tecglass and Technical Glass and Aluminum Company LLC, a steadily growing company known for the extremely high quality of its products and one of the leading glass manufacturers in the UAE market area. A particularly advantageous choice for a company that has carried out some of the most complex and exciting projects in the entire region since day one, and has consistently focused on innovative, cutting-edge jobs for the local market, paving the way to the most optimistic expectations for the upcoming year.

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