Tecglass reside demo of automotive mass manufacturing with Vitro jet FK18 digital printer

New technologies, complete automation processes, production flow management, manufacturing large quantities with the highest quality standards, efficiency and productivity were a trend for all automotive glass manufacturers and played a decisive role in the planning of their procurement processes.

This has resulted in TECGLASS SL as a reference supplier with more than 10 years of background experience concentrating our efforts and resources on constant product development and now producing fully optimized digital printing solutions for the automotive market. Turnkey solution, manufactured in-house for the series production of automotive glass.

Our digital printing solutions offer exceptional production capacities without sacrificing flexibility and versatility in production. They are a solid and proven reality in most major OEM glass manufacturers, ships and ships, trains, buses, trucks, heavy machinery, and RVs.

We’re excited to introduce you to a real demo of our VITRO-JET FK18 digital printer, a printer that has been consolidated as the market reference for auto glass applications and offers unparalleled printing capabilities:

  • Fully automatic digital printing line FK18, all manufactured in-house.
  • No human intervention during the printing process.
  • The perfect combination of multi-pass jobs for larger glasses with a single pass for all glasses up to a width of 1,200 mm.
  • Vitro Scan integrated, change design without set-up time.
  • Vitro-Prod In & Out: loading and unloading of control terminals with automatic flow management for operators.
  • High precision, lower automation costs and less manpower.
  • Greater efficiency and rapid distribution and marketing of a company’s products.
  • Industrial solution for the most demanding requirements of the market.

Live online demos are available on request in our “showroom”.

For more information: comercial@tecglass.es