The 5 Finest Transportable Picture Printers

While digital photos are the most important way to document moments, there is something special about having printouts of your memories. The best portable photo printers can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and quickly print photos using Inkless technology instead of standard cassettes. The most portable are also wireless and rechargeable.

Since portable photo printers come in much smaller units than inkjet or laser printers, they are easy to pack and transport. They can also be cost effective in the long run, as most use zero ink or “zinc” printing without printing, so you don’t have to buy replacement cartridges. (A larger unit still uses ink cartridges, however.) Plus, they’re fairly easy to navigate and use to print with the correct photo paper. Most units come with starter film packs, while others require you to purchase these separately.

Many portable printers connect easily to smartphones – both iPhones and Androids – and come with phone apps that let you use filters, effects, drawings, and other cool features (like augmented reality videos after scanning the Printouts). Most even let you print directly from your social media accounts if you want.

Here is a list of the best portable photo printers you can buy for taking photos and printing pictures instantly.

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A popular printer that takes sticker photos

Compatible with both Apple and Android products, this portable wireless printer outputs 2 x 3-inch peel-back photos. It comes paired with a starter pack of film, and the stickers can stick to walls, refrigerator, phone cases, and more. The brand didn’t disclose how long it would take to print the images, but reviewers wrote that it only takes “seconds”. The app associated with this product (the zip app) has an editor that allows you to adjust brightness, color, photo collages and more. Like others on this list, the Polaroid Zip uses zinc technology to print pictures – and can even print directly from social media. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and comes in six color combinations so you can choose your all-time favorite. This printer is powered by a rechargeable battery that holds about 25 photos.

If you’d rather go for a larger printer, you can choose the option to print 3 “by 4” images. Various bundle packs – like this one – with accessories such as additional film, printer housing, picture frames and more are also available.

What fans write: “I print small photos every day for journaling, planner, and craft projects. This printer is perfect! I love that the images have adhesive backs! A must for me! It’s not only quick and easy, it’s economical too, as I’m not paying for shipping costs, ink, expensive adhesives, and / or sticker consumables. “

  • Size: 4.7 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches


This printer that creates vintage-looking frames

Like most of the devices on this list, this miniature photo printer prints 2 “by 3” images without the use of ink – and all of them are lined with Fujifilm’s iconic vintage frame that makes them look like classic Polaroids. This one is slightly larger than the first option and doesn’t print photos with stickers. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices when connected via Bluetooth, printed photos are ejected in just 12 seconds. In addition to printing traditional photos, this is a great way to create still images from videos on your phone. (It’s not clear, however, whether this printer can eject images directly from social media.) The printer’s dedicated app – the Mini Link app – lets you add filters and frames, and even set them to “set”. Fun mode “that friends can connect to and take part in printing activities. Once the battery is fully charged, up to 100 photos can be taken when connected to your phone via WiFi.

This one comes in three colors and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy portability. And unlike the first option, this camera doesn’t come with film – however, you can purchase bundles that come with it too.

What fans write: “Still, vintage look without the hassle. You just download the app and you can print any picture on your phone onto a Polaroid film. “


A Kodak portable printer that shows up when you’re ready

This Kodak handheld printer sits in the 2 by 3 inch photo area and uses bluetooth connectivity to pair with iPhones or Androids. However, unlike the first options mentioned, the printer opens from the case when you want to use it (which provides more protection). The photos that this printer ejects also have a sticky background and the device uses zinc technology. According to reviewers, it prints “fast”. It also has a rechargeable battery that can deliver up to 40 prints per charge. With the accompanying Smile app, you can add filters, change colors, adjust the lighting and use other effects. You can also create augmented reality videos that will bring your images to life as you scan them. You can even print photos straight from social media if you want. This device is shown here in red, but it is also available in black, blue, green, and white. A starter pack of paper is also included, but the brand has not disclosed how many sheets of paper it contains. However, you can opt for a bundle of 50 sheets or a gift pack with even more accessories.

What fans write: “This is a pretty cool mini printer as it can be opened to print, which makes it a very small device to take with you.”

  • Size: 4.6 x 3.2 x 0.90 inches


A super compact photo printer for iPhones

This portable printer is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand (and smaller than the others). He can print Every photo on your phone – including social media – in just 30 seconds. It is only compatible with iPhones and connects via the Lightning connector (not via Bluetooth). The corresponding Prynt app has a special function that allows you to convert photos into videos when you scan an image with your camera. You can also apply filters and frames, adjust lighting, add text, and much more from the same app. Ink cartridges are not required for this printer. It also prints directly on 2 x 3 inch sticker paper. It can also be charged via USB. Based on some reviews, it looks like the printer comes with 10 sheets of paper – but you can buy more here. This is available in white and graphite as well as in two additional pastel colors.

What fans write: “This is a great product for printing your photos on the go! I’ve used it while out with friends and everyone has been really impressed with the results. It’s much better than a Polaroid photo because you can choose which photo looks best before printing. Paper is easy to fill and lasts a long time when away from a charger. I love it!”

  • Size: 3.27 x 2.84 x 1.9 inches


A larger portable printer for larger images

If you’re looking for something that produces larger images, this HP photo printer is for you. While larger than the others I’ve mentioned, it makes for high quality, non-adhesive 4 x 6 inch photos (and comes with 10 sheets initially). It uses bluetooth to connect to iPhones or Androids and can print from camera rolls or social media platforms. One reviewer wrote that it “takes 10 to 20 seconds” to print after sending a photo to the printer. And unlike the other printers on this list, this one uses ink cartridges instead of zinc – and one cartridge is included. When used at home, it can be plugged into your electrical outlet. However, there is also a rechargeable external battery that you can use on the go. In conjunction with the Sprocket app, augmented reality videos can be created and filters, frames, drawings and more can be added.

What fans write: “I love the HP sprocket. It’s so small and yet it works so well. I’ve had other printers in the past and this one is by far the easiest to set up and work with. Links directly to my smartphone and I can print whatever and wherever I want from any source, Facebook, Instagram, Google! “

  • Size: 6.65 x 10.75 x 2.68 inches