The 7 Greatest On-line Printing Providers of 2021

What are online printing services?

Twenty years ago online printing services changed the world by making it easy to upload photos or design business cards online and print them individually and mail them directly to your home or office. Today customers can design pillows, mugs, and murals of their favorite photos. Banners, brochures and menus for print shows; and order custom holiday cards and wedding invitations.

Additionally, due to the batch processing and printing technology that most online printing services use, these products are much cheaper than they used to be when the only option was to order direct from walk-in print shops or vanity gift makers.

How does online printing work?

Most online printing services make it easy for a beginner to design and order almost any print product. For example, professionals who need business cards can start with pre-designed templates and customize them by uploading a logo or even an entire pre-made design to the website.

From there, users can preview the final design and adjust as needed, as well as select size, paper, surface type, and other special effects. Most services allow the customer to preview the final design online, and some even send out a free sample before completing the order.

Each service can guide users through the process of uploading images that are good to print and also provide professional design support and assistance if necessary. Users can upload pictures from their phones, computers or even social media accounts and have them printed out in crisp, rich colors.

How long does it take to print online?

Due to the largely automated process and batch printing that most online printers use, customers can expect their designs to be printed and shipped within a few days for simple products like photo prints and business cards, and for more complex items like large canvas prints up to two weeks ago and uniquely shaped business cards and invitations.

What are the expected costs for online printing services?

The cost of online printing can vary widely depending on the product and company and often depends on the quality. Vistaprint only charges $ 20 for 500 standard business cards, while MOO charges the same price for just 50 cards.

Most services try to stay cheaper than stationary printers as they have to add shipping costs to every order. For example, Snapfish only charges $ 0.09 for a 4×6 photo, while Walmart charges $ 0.25.

Shipping prices also vary greatly depending on the provider. For example, Vistaprint charges $ 8.99 for four to six day shipping for orders between $ 15.01 and $ 35.00, while MOO charges $ 15.75 for six day shipping for orders up to $ 19.99 calculated. While none of the services we tested offer free shipping by default, most have regular specials and deals that include free shipping.

How we selected the best online printing services

We looked at over two dozen online printing services for this review. We first looked at providers who offer the broadest range of services, the best quality and the best price for quality overall. Next, we looked at the top services in each category and selected the best based on the ease of use, the range and quality of their products, as well as the overall price.

In the end, we found that most of the top online printers balance price and quality pretty well, with some offering higher quality print products understandably at higher prices. Most have worked hard to make it easier for non-designers to design and order products, and many have offered some sort of express shipping to meet last-minute orders.