The PRINTING United Digital Expertise Showcases the Newest Developments in Dry and Liquid Toner Know-how

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The PRINTING United Digital Experience will showcase commercial technology highlights on Tuesday, November 10th, with a particular focus on dry and liquid toner solutions. The daily guide with details on the daily routine can be viewed Here. Registration for this and all other days of the powerful online event is free at

Spotlight on Commercial: Dry and Liquid Toner

The third day dedicated to commercial technology, this twelfth day of the Konica Minolta sponsored PRINTING United Digital Experience, brings to life the many product launches OEMs wanted to share earlier this year. Today’s product demos will give attendees the unique opportunity to finally see the latest groundbreaking products from Konica Minolta, HP, Xeikon, Duplo USA and Graphic Whizard.

10:00 am ET – Research: Industry Outlook
Lisa Cross, Principal Analyst at NAPCO Research, presents the latest survey data from NAPCO Research that examines why printers are investing in dry and liquid toner devices and why buyers are specifying the work produced on those devices.


10.15 a.m. ET – Keynote Address
Electrophotography – digital printing of the past and future!
Presenter: David Zwang, Principal, Zwang & Company

Toner printing technology and products ushered in the age of digital printing, and with the advent of the production inkjet, people began to write off toner. Not only is toner still viable, however, it is experiencing a renaissance and becoming more competitive, giving a new chance to inkjet and even analog printing technologies.

Panel discussions::
11:15 am ET – Commercial Printers Are Propelling Their Businesses With Toner-Based Digital Printing
Moderator: Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief, Print Impressions
Panellists: David Bennett, President, Bennett Graphics, and Lawrence Chou, CEO, Printivity

In the midst of segment consolidation and new approaches to differentiation, successful commercial printing companies are making careful decisions to maintain profitability and productivity with toner-based digital printing devices. Join Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief of Printing Impressions magazine, with two commercial print owners to see how dry and liquid toner-based printing presses contribute to their success.

12:30 p.m. ET – Success with digital toner and inkjet printing processes. It is not necessarily an “either / or” scenario
Moderator: Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief, Print Impressions
Panellists: Cheryl Kahanec, CEO of Quantum Group, and Joe Maloy, President and COO of Polaris Direct

While the advent of production inkjet printing technology has hit the headlines for the most part, the adoption of dry and liquid toner based printing machines continues to grow, leading to technological improvements. Hear from two leading printers who have both built digital printing into their operations.


10:45 a.m. – KONICA MINOLTA
Konica Minolta’s Senior Vice President Dino Pagliarello will give attendees an exclusive look at the company’s new AccurioPress C14000, a digital breakthrough with next-generation printing capabilities. Konica Minolta is redesigning and reworking printing to help users enhance their experience and open up new opportunities for growth. This ensures that customers keep coming back.

“With the obvious challenges the printing industry is facing this year, we encourage customers to rethink the future of printing and have enjoyed working with and helping printers to further converge during the PRINTING United Digital Experience promote, “said Dino Pagliarello, senior vice president, product management and planning. “Our continued investment in growth businesses through our decorative printing, large format, high-speed ink, packaging and labeling, and production ink products provide our customers with new opportunities to grow sales as they recover from the effects of the pandemic. ”

11:00 a.m. – HB
HP Inc. will showcase its latest HP Indigo presses, designed for print service providers and converters to digitally print significantly higher volumes profitably. The HP Indigo 100K B2-format digital press for commercial printing, the first press in the new Series 5 platform, is designed for higher productivity and delivers more than one million B2 duplex sheets per month. The portfolio also offers further innovations in additional printing machines, including the B2 HP Indigo 15K, the HP Indigo 7K and the HP Indigo 12000 with VP. Existing customers can take advantage of these new functions and opportunities with Value Packs with upgrade options.

12:00 p.m. – XEIKON
Xeikon is a sponsor of the PRINTING United Digital Experience commercial – Dry and Liquid Toner Day – and will showcase the Xeikon SX30000 single-pass duplex digital production press during the event. With so many key options for printers, toner is just as profitable and productive for high value applications, according to Donna Covannon, Marketing Director of Xeikon North America.

“With the SX30000, Xeikon is primarily targeting high-quality applications that usually have a high color content on high-quality papers with high quality requirements at the same time. It can be in the letterpress segment or high quality direct mail, but because of the versatility of the technology, it can also be in retail and signage materials, security printing, digital wall decor, and other general commercial prints. We continue to look for customers who need higher productivity with lower operating costs and a compelling total cost of ownership, ”said Covannon.

“We were the pioneers of dry toner technology and we continue to see opportunities to improve and improve it further. The technology was named SIRIUS – after the brightest star in the night sky and in relation to its role in helping people navigate and set course in different cultures throughout history. We believe this platform will lead the way for profitable business for our existing and future customers. “

12:15 p.m. – DOUBLE USA
Si Nguyen, Vice President of Sales at Duplo USA, joins us from the Duplo showroom in Orange County, California. Using inkjet technology, the DDC-810 applies a gloss varnish to defined areas of the substrate to give the images an enhanced effect with texture and depth. The CCD camera recognition system ensures image-to-image registration and the PC controller software is user-friendly. With up to eight slots, 25 cuts and 20 folds in one pass, the DC-646 eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracks on fold lines up to 30 sheets per minute. It also offers optional rotating tool and cross-perforation modules – both with punch-perforation capabilities – for greater versatility. The UD-310 processes up to 4,000 sph and uses a magnetic cylinder and interchangeable flexible dies attached to it to handle paper, laminates, adhesives and synthetic materials up to 400 g / m².

“Duplo USA is a proud sponsor of the PRINTING United Digital Experience,” said Diana Blanco, Marketing Operations / Media Manager at Duplo. “The unique Digital Experience platform enables us to present our world-leading solutions to a global audience and to give customers and customers who want to learn more about our cutting-edge technology a glimpse into our showroom in Orange County. While we can’t be together in person this year, we’re excited to have the opportunity to virtually share everything Duplo has to offer the market! “

The Graphic Whizard PT 33LSC is the world’s first fully automatic laminator that cuts and cuts to the finished size, saving hours of trimming and cutting after the lamination process. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the short term digital printer, the PT 33LSC not only cuts to size, but also has a pouch mode that allows users to choose their encapsulation size or perform a true one-sided lamination, with the crimp easily controlled with the Anti curl device. Automatic setup, productive speeds, and the efficient stack feeder make for a lamination experience that you can set and forget.

“Graphic Whizard aims to show this global audience everything the company has worked so hard to bring to market in 2020, including a preview of a special flatbed die cutter,” said Steve Allen, President and CEO of Graphic Whizard. “PRINTING United Digital Experience attendees will see clearly why Graphic Whizard has such an exemplary reputation for manufacturing and distributing the highest quality finishing equipment. We invite you to join us on this day to learn from the best! “

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