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ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, February 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As Covid-19 is known to hit the global economy, a study conducted by the platform that analyzed over 65,000 orders from 1.3 million print jobs processed last year shows the impact on the global printing industry from a new perspective, which leads to a new reality in the printing world.

Local digital print providers in the US and Europe are gaining momentum while larger print shops are in Asia and Eastern Europe lose their global customers.

Closed borders and local closures combined with increased global freight prices forced print buyers to look for local alternatives. This accelerated the new trend of moving from global sourcing to local sourcing, resulting in lower shipping costs and shorter transit times. This led to a 95.6% reduction in CO2 emissions caused by logistics for publishers, Web2Print providers and photo e-commerce companies.

As large print buyers in the corporate and events sectors closed their offices around the world, individuals switched online faster than ever, helping the printing industry by moving from business print jobs to personalized photo products on demand – like printed textbooks and wall photo decorations for the consumer market .

In the digital printing industry, corporate orders accounted for just 13.55% of the volume of print processed on the platform in 2020.

68.7% of the total global print volume obtained through the global printing platform was printed on digital presses from HP INC (NYSE: HPQ). Xerox (NYSE: XRX) lost a significant portion of its market share. Only 2.9% of the global print volume on was printed on Xerox digital presses. However, Canon was the emerging star with nearly 24.9% of the volume printed. is the world’s leading Print Cloud & API platform for brands, Fortune500 companies and the e-commerce industry. In 2020, grew 500% and resulted in more print jobs from local print providers in 104 countries.

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