Toppan Develops TOPMER™ Adhesive for Digital Printing

The suitability for microwave heating and retorting, as well as for sterilization while cooking expands the potential uses for digitally printed packaging and responds to the diverse needs of consumers.

Sample of product packaging that is now available due to the development of TOPMER ™ high-strength adhesive © Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo – February 16, 2021 – Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TYO: 7911), a global leader in communications, security, packaging, decorative materials and electronics solutions, has developed a high-strength adhesive for digital printing. TOPMER ™ is suitable for retort sterilization, boil sterilization and heating in microwave ovens. This expands the applications for packaging with digital printing and enables products with high added value that meet the diverse requirements of today’s consumers. TOPMER ™ will go on sale in Japan on February 24th, targeting the groceries, toiletries and cosmetics sectors.

Toppan recently announced “SOCIAL-VALUE ™ Packaging”, a portion of the “TOPPAN S-VALUE ™ Packaging” range, adding value to society targeting and fulfilling life. The SOCIAL-VALUE ™ range includes the Toppan FP Digital Solution, launched in 2016 to provide flexible packaging optimized for multiple product types in small quantities to respond to the evolution of market demands from traditional mass production.

Toppan FP Digital Solution also addresses the increasing number of roles that packages are supposed to fulfill in order to improve differentiation from competing products in stores. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer attitudes and fueled growth in the home-cooked, ready-made, takeaway, and delivery markets. This has therefore increased the demand for products that can be manufactured easily and quickly.

TOPMER ™ is a high strength adhesive that can be used for lamination on conventional general purpose machines. This means that in addition to packaging that is subjected to retort sterilization, digital printing can now also be used on packaging for cooking sterilization and microwave heating, which was previously not possible. Toppan has also improved its resistance to heat and water, which means that packaging is suitable for retort sterilization at 130 ° C. 30 minutes and can withstand boiling sterilization over long periods of time.

Digital printing enables original designs to be applied in small quantities, eliminating the need to put labels on pre-made simple bags, and reducing labor shortages. Unlike traditional mass production processes for printing flexible packaging, no cylinders are required, so multiple design variations can be created for the same packaging. Toppan has used its extensive information processing technologies to achieve quality equivalent to gravure printing and to enable the production of packaging that stands out in stores. The technology also facilitates test marketing, limited package batches, and a host of other options, while the ability to only produce the required amount of a specific package when needed prevents overstocking and helps create greener solutions that help reduce waste and loss.

“Digital printing of flexible packaging opens up a number of possibilities,” said Masafumi Horiuchi, head of development for Toppan’s packaging solutions business. “With the development of the TOPMER adhesive, we can now expand this even further by expanding the area of ​​application according to the needs of our customers and today’s consumers.”

TOPMER ™ will be on display in the Toppan Booth (S1-12, South Hall 1) at TOKYO PACK 2021, which will take place February 24-26 at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center.

More information on digital printing for retort packages (Japanese website)