Trying Again: ‘Banner’ written 60 years in the past – The Atmore Advance

Thirty years ago, in 1991, HC Williams recalled the history of the Atmore Hardware Store from 1898-1991. He said many things have changed, but many things are still the same.

Escambia County’s schools needed $ 1 million to prevent roof leakage.

Atmore City Council raised the price of a cemetery lot from $ 50 to $ 100, which increased the cost of a funeral.

March 3rd marked the 60th anniversary of the Star Spangled banner as the national anthem. This would mean that the music became our national anthem in 1931. Did you know that Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics while standing on the deck of a British ship near Baltimore during the War of 1814? The British attacked Fort McHenry and the words came to Key when he saw the American flag still flying over the fort as the sun rose.

A few people gave their versions of life in Germany and him as a prisoner during World War II. Lilo Currie remembered life in Germany and the difficulties she endured when Joe Dellaccio recounted his time when he fought with his fellow soldiers and as a prisoner of war. Both endured many, many hardships.

When I checked grocery prices, I found chicken leg quarters at FoodFair for 48 cents a pound. They also had round steak for $ 1.99 a pound.

In 1991 the ward mourned Robert R. Long Jr., who died at the age of 84. He was a well known businessman in Atmore and very popular in the community.

Dr. Tommy Moore was selected to lead the Miss Atmore Pageant, and Gayle Weaver was named Teacher of the Year for Ernest Ward High School.