Why 3D Printing Will Disrupt A $12 Trillion Trade

We are at a turning point as 3D printers are used in all industries. Companies including Ford, L’Oreal and Siemens have switched their stores and professionals to this technology.

When people start owning their own 3D printers and can build their own consumer goods, large manufacturing houses will become redundant. Additionally, current manufacturers are being disrupted by nimble companies employing 3D printing technologies that no longer require current production lifecycles.

There is more uncertainty in the world right now than ever before. It’s like everywhere I look there seem to be economic theorists or analysts trying to predict the future of our economy. One surefire way to get the future wrong is to put a timestamp of when an event will occur, be it an event or a stock price.

We are currently living in the most interesting time in human history. We have only just begun dealing with this tsunami of technological advances that will come our way over the next 10 years. Technologies like 3D printers will soon make life much more comfortable, and new career opportunities are already opening up.

If you’re an architecture or engineer and use CAD software, you probably already know how to design products. Almost 200,000 different types of well-designed 3D printed products are already sold through Etsy. I can’t wait to invest in a 3D printer to tinker with, but if you’re already a designer, a 3D printer might be the gateway to your next passion project.