World Rollout for MyMS from MS Printing Options

Since the start of the new customer portal MyMS in Italy in October and EMEA in November, MS Printing Solutions has planned a global rollout for the remaining areas. With MyMS, customers can access it 24/7 from any device to request parts and check prices in real time. Over time, more functions will be activated to create a comprehensive service portal for MS customers, dealers, agents and technicians.

Paolo Milini, President of MS Printing, explains: “The project came about as a result of analyzing the workflow process. We had to find a way to manage the information we give users so that it is always up-to-date and consistent. “The MyMS project was developed with a number of objectives. Its main function is to significantly improve the level of service to customers while ensuring that information is consistent across the MS organization. To achieve this, the portal standardizes the internal process and operational workflow, optimizes response times and reduces errors when receiving, collecting and preparing orders. The project currently comprises the sales and customer service departments. However, over time, technical support and technical documentation are also addressed, creating a leaner and more consistent flow of information both inside and outside the company.

After registration, MS Printing customers can access the portal from both desktop computers and mobile devices with a user name and password. The website was created with a “flowing” layout in order to optimize the display using the latest technology. After logging in, users have structured access to the spare parts catalogs for MS machines – currently printers, and other machines such as new dryers will be commissioned shortly. You can then create a spare parts request in a guided and controlled manner. In addition to ordering parts, this single entry point may allow users to access technical documentation and white papers, consult the corporate library, request RMA for printheads, and open service cases for assistance.

MyMS is also used to platform video tutorials and conduct product and service webinars so customers can stay up to date with the latest MS technology. In the future, users will also be able to download software updates for their MS devices through MyMS, along with the latest brochures and MS news. “Ultimately, MyMS will offer all of the services we offer to our customers and dealers from a single source,” says Abhi Agrawal, President of Dover Digital Printing. “This saves users time and increases efficiency, as their requirements are immediately entered into our workflow.”