Xerox Digital Occasion Reveals New Digital Manufacturing Printing Improvements

Xerox Corp. built on its three cornerstones that enable profitable business expansion, increase productivity and offer customers investment protection. During a 90-minute global virtual event titled “Dreams In,” Xerox Corp. announced presents a series of nine innovations in digital printing. Prints – Xerox Production Innovation Revealed. ”

More than 1,000 customers and prospects from around the world attended the professional live event on November 18, which was attended by executives and product managers of Xerox production printing, Xerox printing customers, graphic designers and agency professionals.

“Print improvement is the fastest growing segment in print and Xerox offers the broadest range of solutions to help customers grow their business here,” said Tracey Koziol, senior vice president of global offerings at Xerox. “The new technology and features that we are introducing expand the capabilities and profit potential of existing equipment and introduce new presses that respond to the demand for higher volume and expanded media and color palettes. There’s a reason Xerox continues to lead the production printing market. “

Announcements included new toner-based digital presses. Technology enhancements for existing printers, including the Xerox Baltoro High Fusion Ink (HF) cut sheet inkjet printing platform; as well as artificial intelligence and automation functions that support speed and productivity.

Color Accelerator: New Apps, Heavy and Shiny Stocks

New color accelerator modules for the Baltoro HF inkjet printing machine enable high quality color printing on heavy and glossy coated materials.

The focus was on the optional color accelerator drying and sheet cooling module for the B3 format (max. 13.76˝ printing area) with a Baltoro platform of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, which enables extended product applications and the automation of ink savings. When used in conjunction with High Fusion inks that do not require primers or pre-coatings, Color Accelerator enables printing up to 300 g / m². Cover, glossy coated papers.

This expands the range of options for outputting glossy, silk, matte, and matte media to include high quality and heavier color postcards, direct mail, hyper-personalized catalogs, marketing materials, magazine covers, books, and more.

Color Accelerator is a drop-in module for existing Baltoro users or optionally comes with new Baltoro HF press installations. It consists of two components: a second dryer in the press that supplies seven more infrared lamps and effectively doubles the drying capacity. This unit is followed by a module for a forced air cooling system that brings the paper back to ambient temperature and thus prevents curling and curling.

The process control with automated intelligence (AI) on the Baltoro HF is also used to monitor, diagnose and perfect images – all in real time. The full-width array enables real-time drop placement, missing jet detection and compensation, time-of-flight density optimization, anti-aliasing, and automated image on paper (IOP) controls.

Thanks to the intelligent automation, Baltoro is said to use 50% less ink than conventional printing machines to rinse the inkjet heads, which increases availability and productivity while delivering consistent, reliable quality.

“When we launched Baltoro, we told you it was a platform. By that, we meant that we would continue to innovate on this platform – from feeding to finishing and everything in between,” said Chris Irick, Worldwide Product Marketing The manager of Entry Production Inkjet at Xerox proclaimed from Xerox’s Gil Hatch Center in Webster, NY as he demonstrated the components and showed various print samples on the Baltoro press with Color Accelerator. “And we have kept that promise.”

Current Baltoro users will be able to order Color Accelerator Kits starting in 2021. New Baltoro customers can order Color Accelerator from December 15th. Installation is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year.

In an NDA interview with Printing Impressions the day before the live event, Marybeth Gilbert, VP and GM, Production Business, Xerox stated that she expects the Color Accelerator option to become more popular with users as an upgrade for new Baltoro HF inkjet presses will strive for higher quality, higher coverage, direct mail and collateral – and not as a retrofit for Baltoro presses that are already in use that produce existing products, often at full capacity.

She also indicated that, overall, Xerox has a broad range of technology offerings and a competitive advantage that allows it to “properly customize” its digital output devices based on actual customer needs. “I never went for the mantra that the inkjet would come in and take over the world,” she said. “I see a need for xerography, a need for inkjet printers, a need for different types of technology. We believe it is our job at Xerox to provide these options for our customers to make the right choice for theirs Business direction. “

Fluorescent pink for iridesse

Example of an advertisement printed on the Iridesse press with the new pink fluorescent ink.

Also announced was a new fluorescent pink specialty ink option for the existing Beyond CMYK range of metallic gold and silver metallic, white and clear for the Xerox Iridesse six-color digital embellishment production machine. It will be available on March 1st, 2021.

VersaLink graphic printer

VersaLink C8000W

The newest member of the VersaLink family is the Xerox VersaLink C8000W with a compact footprint that offers Xerox customers a cheaper entry into the decorating market. The cyan, magenta, and yellow toners use white toner as the base for dark and colored materials, and are good for uses such as menus, envelopes, window stickers, decals, and labels. The C8000W is a device that takes up little space and is designed to provide clarity and quality that stand out from typical four-color printing.

Two new Versant offers

Xerox is also adding two new machines to its Versant press family that support wider media options and add automation capabilities that reduce manpower and makeready times.

The Xerox Versant 280 Mid-Production Press adds value with thicker storage media options (400 gsm) for applications such as business cards. With the All Stock at Nominal Speed ​​(ASRS) option, the Versant 280 is said to be faster than any other competing device when printing heavy stocks. Users can print one million specialty colors with an adaptive CMYK + kit that uses white, gold, silver, clear and fluorescence, which is unique to Xerox in this product class.

Press Versant 4100

The new Xerox Versant 4100 press handles higher volumes and higher production loads. The 4100 also processes thicker paper materials with up to 400 g / m². In addition, automated warehouse management saves time and reduces human error.

PredictPrint Media Manager software is included in the new Versant 4100 and can be added to the Iridesse model effective March 1, 2021. By using artificial intelligence, the software automatically identifies the media used and provides the correct press settings. Users simply scan a barcode, place the paper in a tray, and use the setup wizard to optimize the system for that application.

In addition, FreeFlow Core 6.0 automates the process of preparing a file for printing and now includes the application of Beyond CMYK enhancements. FreeFlow Core uses pre-built workflows to seamlessly apply embellishments such as gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescence without changing the source file.

Faster Xerox Nuvera monochrome presses

It was also pointed out during the presentations that Xerox Nuvera presses made more than 35 billion prints last year. The Xerox Nuvera 157 MX Production monochrome production system and the Xerox Nuvera MX Perfecting Production System have improved Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printing speeds.

Marybeth Gilbert

Marybeth Gilbert summarized all the announcements clearly. “These new products and features represent the technology sweet spot where end-to-end solutions support our customers’ need to differentiate and grow their businesses in any economic environment,” she said. “Our customers know they can count on Xerox innovation when they respond to their business needs.”

Given the plethora of new press and technology announcements at the virtual event – some of which would have debuted at drupa if the German global show hadn’t been postponed due to COVID-19 – Xerox seems to offer a balanced approach to its broad range of events electrophotographic and inkjet digital output devices.